Annual Letter, 2021

Sue Brewer 25 years

Annual Letter, 2021

Hello Choklits Community,

As 2021 draws to a close I hope you and your family are enjoying each other’s company and are super excited for a fantastic 2022!

Thank you all for your continued support this year, your understanding through the ups and downs and for trusting us with your children. Their infectious energy and the love they have for learning makes coming to Choklits the best part of my day.

This year has been another interesting one and I’m very proud of the way the Choklits Team has supported each other through each and every day. We decided very early on that we would make the most of whatever came our way in 2021. We wanted to extend ourselves, add more to our programs and deliver more than we ever had before.

Knowing the care, time, effort and love that the Choklits educators have put into developing and delivering our programs right across the centre really makes me smile.

My biggest takeaways from 2021 are the importance of community and communication. Life can throw curve balls at us when we least expect (or want) them and there’s nothing we can do about that. What we can control, as hard as it can seem at the time, are our responses. I’ve found that when I respond well it’s because I have the support of the people around me and I have made a concentrated effort to communicate with them as best I can.

Our community at Choklits is very special and I feel special knowing we all have each other. It might be the friend you have found in another Choklits parent, the “best friend” your child talks about constantly, a milestone your child has reached or the adventure you take will a fellow Choklits educator, our community means something different to all of us. My hope is, when you think of Choklits, you feel special too.

Choklits Child Care

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