Choklits Winter Menus 2021

Choklits Winter Menu 2021

Hello Choklits Community, I’m pleased to share the new Choklits seasonal menu, Winter 2021!

We have been busy experimenting here recently and have added quite a few new dishes to our Winter menu, I really hope you like them. I already know our children love them because they have shared their ideas and have actually helped me create a few of them.

The children continue to enjoy all the real world experiences we facilitate at Choklits in relation to food. From setting up markets where the children “purchase” (with Choklits dollars) their own veggies to cook, to having lunch at the Choklits Cafe and, of course, coming into the kitchen and helping cook their own meal the children get so involved in the process, it really does melt my heart.

And the best part? As I’ve written many times before, as soon as the children become involved in the process and know they have some control over the outcome, they are much more willing to try new foods and over time become more open to further learning! It’s like kitchen magic!

In a first at Choklits, I was very happy to have the help for a couple of days over the past month from one of our past Choklits students, Hubert. After showing some interest in cooking, Hughie joined me for a couple of days to get some experience first hand from inside the Choklits kitchen. We cooked, told jokes, did plenty of taste testing and had a lot of fun. He even helped me with the kitchen paper work, I thought that was pretty special especially for a 6 year old! As you’ll see in the menus posted below, we even came up with our own recipe!

Anyway, the kitchen door is always open at Choklits so if you’d like to talk about food or cooking or basically anything really, please drop in and say hello as I love hearing your stories and learning about our families.

Don’t forget, I occasionally make a little extra food so if you connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram you’ll know exactly when I have something for you to try.

Please enjoy our 2021 winter menu…

Helen Rooney
Choklits Chef, Choklits Child Care Centre

Choklits Child Care

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