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Choklits Newsletter, Summer 2019

Choklits Newsletter, Summer 2019 Dear Choklits Families, Welcome to our Summer newsletter for 2019! I cannot believe how fast 2018 went! At Choklits December is a lovely time of year with all rooms full of glitter, sparkles and tinsel and Christmas jingles playing around the centre finishing with the Choklits Christmas party is such a […]

Choklits Newsletter, Winter 2018

Choklits Newsletter, Winter 2018 Dear Choklits Families, Wow, so much has happened since our last newsletter at Choklits. The days are flying by as they say “time fly’s when you’re having fun”. We have welcomed some new families to Choklits and look forward to sharing their experiences with us and to see their children grow […]

Choklits Newsletter, March 2018

Choklits Newsletter, March 2018 Dear Choklits Families, As you read this I will have left Australia and be relaxing on a fantastic holiday with family and friends. I hope you all enjoyed a break over Easter and spent some family time together. March has yet again been a very busy month, we planted our sustainability garden […]

Choklits Newsletter, February 2018

Choklits Newsletter, February 2018 Dear Choklits Families, February has come and gone as has summer. Autumn is a lovely time of year, with warm days, leaves falling and still the opportunity to enjoy indoor/outdoor activities in all the rooms. This month all of our incursions for 2018 are now back! Ready Steady Go sessions on […]

Choklits Newsletter, January 2018

Choklits Newsletter, January 2018 Dear Choklits Families, Welcome to our January newsletter, WOW! This year has certainly started with great speed. Hope you all enjoyed a happy new year and for those who had time away on holidays that you had a nice relaxing time. A big welcome to all our new families to Choklits […]

Choklits Newsletter, December 2017

Choklits Newsletter, December 2017 Dear Choklits Families, Wow! Here we are again at the end of another year at Choklits!!! What a year we have had and its always a good time to pause and reflect, review policies and procedures, look at staff placements and ponder the year ahead. We are looking forward to another exciting […]

Choklits Newsletter, November 2017

Choklits Newsletter, November 2017 Dear Choklits Families, November was full of highlights including some crazy weather. The start of December signals the festive season and all the rooms are busy creating and decorating. And, we have heard that Santa will soon be on his way! We had Leigh’s farmyard friends come for a visit with […]

Newsletter, October 2017

Choklits Newsletter, October 2017 Dear Choklits Families, What a busy month at Choklits, there has been so much happening to support the program in each room. Some of the highlights this month have included the Wiggerly Worm Dance and Drama incursions, commencement of our weekly yoga program, a visit from the photographer taking amazing photos […]

Newsletter, August 2017

August News 2107  August has been a very cold month with crisp mornings and chilly nights. We have had our fair share of winter sniffles with both staff and children coming off second best. We all seem to be on the mend again now and are really looking forward to Spring. The snow has started […]

Newsletter, July 2017

July News 2107  Dear Parents, We are halfway through winter and are now looking forward to the downhill run to Spring. We have had some very cold days mixed with bursts of brilliant sunshine so the children have been able to go out, explore, run around the yard, ride the bikes and dig in the […]