Courtney Cameron

Courtney Cameron

Courtney holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and works in the Choklits Toddler room.

Over to Courtney…

I love working in the child care industry not only because I get to channel my inner child but also get to be apart of a child’s learning journey and watch them thrive! I also love getting to know all the families and incorporating their values & goals into the children’s learning.

Working in this industry has really helped me build my self-confidence and to learn new things everyday! I am proud of the efforts and consistency I put into helping children grow and learn while building beautiful bonds with them, I absolutely love it!

When I’m not at Chokits, I love spending time with my family, fiancé and puppies!

One of the cutest things I’ve heard is when a parent once told me they where at home and the mum was tucking the child into bed the child said “I want Courtney’s cuddles!”