Danielle Wasserfall

Danielle Wasserfall

Danielle is an Educator in the Choklits Kindergarten Room. Dee (her preferred name) holds a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and has been in the education industry for over 7 years. She has a passion for literature and extending on her knowledge and practice of all things relevant to early childhood.

Over to Dee…

My philosophy includes some of the following key points:
– authenticity; being myself and empowering/allowing others the freedom and encouragement to follow suit.
– relationships before learning (positive learning only occurs from respectful relationships).
– ‘power with’ vs ‘power over’; sharing the choices and giving a voice to others in decisions that affect them.
– lively and respectful collaboration with stakeholders (co-educators, children, families).
– promoting a sense of agency for the children; scaffolding learning through knowledge of each child combined with knowledge of early childhood development; promoting child led learning.
– words, books and all things literacy. I believe that a strong literacy foundation provides limitless skills and pleasure; I strive to promote this every day.

Some of my proudest accomplishments include using my expert knowledge of early childhood years to collaborate with families (the experts in the child); using the two in conjunction to build children’s proficiencies and skills. I really enjoy storytelling as I have a life-long love affair with books. For three years I held weekly storytelling sessions to promote literacy to the Yarra ranges community, a genuine love of all things literacy, sharing that love and joy with others.

When I’m not at Choklits I spend my times reading, list-writing, navigating the joys and challenges of parenting a tween and connecting with nature (especially the bountiful community Melbourne and the eastern suburbs offer – my family loves the beaches, forests, festivals, markets and events that our local suburbs offer).

Some of my highlights I’ve enjoyed while working is early education include the innocence, humour and learning from daily interactions (from the size of my butt, to who the Wurundjeri people are – a vast and eclectic variety of comments, discussions and thought-provoking questions!). I love the warmth and intimacy that comes along with the privilege of building relationships as an early childhood educator; genuine trust and connections.