Fiona Geng

Fiona Geng

Fiona is the 4 year old Kindergaten Teacher at Choklits, she holds a Master of Teaching in Early Childhood Education.

Over to Fiona…

I love the fact that my job is to help children to achieve their full potential and help them to feel happier, empowered and better about themselves. It is a huge privilege to play a role in children’s lives during those vital first five years.

Seeing children make progress in their learning and listening to a parent expressing how happy they are for what their children have learned really melts my heart with gladness.

I’m so proud of myself being an early childhood teacher and increasingly passionate about what I am doing. My biggest achievement happened last year when I worked at an international Kindergarten in China. From the moment I realised the differences in the early year’s education system between my home country and western countries, I wanted to be part of the Chinese teachers who strive for a change.

Last year, I made a lot of efforts to do this. I shared my knowledge and experience learned in Australia and my philosophy with the team in China and had lots of meetings/discussions in regards to play-based learning and the children being the curriculum. The changes made to the school included increasing the outdoor playtime and free exploration/play time; focusing on the process not just the product.

All the Chinese and foreign teachers worked collaboratively to put “play-based learning” into daily practice. This idea boosted the enrolment too. I was so grateful for the trust from my director, colleagues and families.

When I’m not at Choklits I enjoy going to the gym, drawing and traveling. Gym helps me keep fit, healthy and energetic, drawing is the best way for me to enjoy some quality quiet time and traveling opens up my mind to new opinions.

I get lots of nice comments like “I love you” and “you are the best teacher ever” from the children which is definitely very special to me. Also “when I grow up, I want to be a teacher.” (“why?”) “So I can teach children with you together”.