Judy Kefford

Judy Kefford

Judy is an Educator at Choklits, she is currently studying her Batcheler of Early Childhood Education

Over to Judy…

I love working in early education with children because I love engaging with them as they attempt and learn. Children don’t give up because something is too hard, instead, they persist and continue to try until they succeed. Walking is the greatest example of this, children don’t give up trying because they fall over and hurt themselves. They continue trying to walk until they are confident and competent walkers.

One of the things I’m most proud of is my ability to make children feel safe, especially when they are struggling to work through issues like separation. Creating a connection with children is important as they transition into a new environment.

When I’m not working at Choklits and have time, which is not often, I love gardening, preserving food, keeping bees and making things.

I get a lot of pleasure seeing children trying to use words and not quite getting them right. There is the usual “truck”, said with an F. “Lellow” (yellow), “eliminator” (laminator), and “square words” (swear words). And, it’s always precious when a child tells you they love you.