Leonie Mapperson

Leonie Mapperson

Leonie is the Pre-Toddler Room Leader at Choklits. She is currently studying for her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. In addition, Leonie is also studying Understanding Children from Adversity with the view to further study child welfare in the future.

Over to Leonie…

Even after such a long time in early childhood education, I still marvel over a child’s ability to adapt and learn from their environment. I enjoy watching children laugh, learn and play. Time and time again the sentence from the Early Childhood Framework proves true “Children are capable learners”. To make even a small difference in a child’s life really is one of the significant things that matter to me.

Working with children in a variety of early childhood services for many years has given me great insight and many opportunities to really get to know “our’’ children and their families. In order to really understand and appreciate individual children, we need to learn about their lives and perspectives. Within this learning about families, the underpinning key component is to establish respectful, authentic relationships.

Working in collaboration with parents I strive to consider the goals of the parent, teacher and the child. These goals include interests and dispositions of the child for positive outcomes that also align with the five outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. In order to best support the child, I also may need to draw on a wide variety of assessment tools and approaches that give alternative insight into the child’s needs and development.

Relying on a strength-based approach, focussing on individual strengths and competencies rather than comparisons with others promotes confidence in children and plays a vital role in supporting children’s wellbeing and identity.

When I’m not at Choklits, my passion is to advocate and care for children struggling from adversity. I am also passionate about Aboriginal culture and people.

My firm belief in Social Justice and Ethical Practice has led me to include foster caring for young children in my life, valuing inclusion and secure attachments I have developed a knowledge of the child best interest framework from my foster care training and study, this combined with the early years learning framework contributes to best practice.

The cutest thing a child has ever explained to me was the use and importance of using sunscreen “so, our skin doesn’t go dry and wrinkly”, he exclaimed. “like yours!”

I feel proud and privileged to have worked alongside some of the most talented and passionate teachers. And, if I have managed to be even a little like them, I would be proud of that.