Mel Judd

Mel Judd

Melinda (we call her by her preferred name, Mel) is the Toddler Room Leader at Choklits. Mel has been working in the child care industry for over 16 years and holds a Diploma in Children’s Services. She has had experience working with various aged children ranging from babies right through to Grade 4.

Over to Mel…

Throughout my career, I have been privileged enough to work in many situations including child care, school holiday programs, nannying and babysitting. I have also been an additional needs aide and spent time with an Aboriginal community in a remote town called Fitzroy Crossing with beautiful Indigenous children and their families.

My mission as an educator is to help, guide and assist each individual child to become an independent learner while building on their life skills. I do this through quality one on one and group interactions using a high standard of program planning delivered in a warm, caring and nurturing environment. I look forward to building strong bonds with you and your children while learning and exploring through play.

The main thing I love about working in education is the children. It always comes back to the beautiful children, they are always my number one reason I have such a passion in the education and care sector. I especially love the meaningful and genuine interactions and conversations I have with the children, they are the best company. There is always so much to learn and teach as a Child Care Educator.

I really enjoy the team environment at Choklits. I love working within a tight-nit, fun and positive team. In the Early Childhood Education and Care Sector, your role involves speaking with everyone. From other educators to management and to the families, it helps develop those important bonds and relationships we need for us all to succeed in providing for the children in their journey.

I relish my chance to educate and assist others, from the children and the families to my fellow educators. I love spreading my knowledge and experiences as well as being able to have others views, ideas and suggestions readily available to build my knowledge further.

I’m proud of my many, many, many years of experience. Every day has been an achievement for me because I know I have made even the smallest difference in each of the children’s lives that have been in my care. But, the thing I’m the proudest of is being able to say I’ve had the privilege to provide nurturing care to all of the children, and informative and supporting guidance to all of their families. I have gained lifelong relationships, bonds and even friends.

When I’m not at Choklits I enjoy spending my spare time playing netball (sometimes a little too much), spending time with close friends and family, eating amazing food, playing around with my fur baby decker and sometimes even busting out in random song singing.

The cutest thing a child has ever said to me was “Mel, you’re my favouritist person and I love you”. When I was started at Choklits and helping the children to pronounce my name I would say “it’s like bell”. So, now I’m known as Mel Bell and that’s pretty cute too.