Sam De Mel

Sam De Mel

Sam holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and has been working in the child care industry for eight years. For four years she has worked as a lead educator and is currently studying her Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Sam is an educator in the Choklits pre-kindergarten room.

Over to Sam…

I became an early childhood educator because I ‘ve always loved being around children. When I migrated to Australia there was an opportunity for me to become a qualified Early Childhood Educator.

I have a real passion for providing children with opportunities to meet their goals. I love educating and caring for children and love how their individual personalities make every day unique and special.

My philosophy incorporates my belief that children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are enjoying an educational environment. Security and trust are very important components as well as my relationship with each child.

Teaching children is my passion so I’m very thankful whenever parents tell me they appreciate my level of education and caring I show for their children.

When I’m not at Choklits I enjoy listening to music and spending time with my family.

The cutest thing a child once said to me was on return from holiday when she explained her visit and told us she went on an airplane and saw “some clouds fallen on to the ground”.