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As adults, we often associate great food with specific experiences. When you think of Christmas Day lunch, for example, you probably think of having a great time with your family and friends. When you think of your favourite food, you might imagine your favourite beverage on the table as well.

At Choklits Child Care and Kindergarten, we like to pair our nutritious food with our favourite music. Below are some pairing suggestions for each of the 9 most loved dishes at Choklits. Press play, we’re pretty sure that if you own a copy of Cooking at Choklits, there’s a little learner somewhere nearby that will be happy to sing along with you. Enjoy!

Optional Paring Music


Tuna and rice


Banana or blueberry muffins


Ham, cheese and sundried tomato muffins


Shepherd’s Pie


Fresh Vegetable Pasta


Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes

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