Meet the Chokliteers

Say hello to Junie, Ned, Merinda and Chan Ming. They are the Chokliteers and they’re on a mission!

All children face challenges, it’s part of growing up, learning and finding their place in the world. The Chokliteers help children through some of those tougher moments and share ideas about how they themselves overcome them.

“Meet the Chokliteers” is the Chokliteers very first adventure. From apprehension to excitement, this story follows Junie, Ned, Merinda and Chan Ming as they get ready for their respective days and head to Choklits. 

Getting dressed, for example, can be hard. Meeting new people and finding friends are challenges most children face, particularly when they are in new and unfamiliar environments. With the structure of the Choklits pillars (growth, communication, collaboration, consistency, and reflection) and guidance from their loved ones, the Chokliteers develop the skill of turning their apprehension into excitement. 

The foundation of everything we do at Choklits is built on our five pillars. We plan to turn this book into a series where, through Junie, Ned, Merinda and Chan Ming’s adventures, you’ll discover and learn about many of the challenges our early learners face and, of course, how the Chokliteers overcome them. 

Get your own copy

We don’t have fancy web forms just yet but if you’d like a copy of Meet the Chokliteers, please email us and include all your name, postal details and your child’s name (if you’d like us to personalise the copy). Our first print run shipped very quickly, but we’ve since received our second run and would love to send you your own copy.

If you’d like to see what else we’re up to please connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, Junie, Ned, Merinda and Chan Ming may be making some appearances on our socials very soon!

Meet the Chokliteers is written by Choklits Educator Dee Wasserfall and illustrated by David Brewer.

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