Your Childs First Day

On their first day, children can attend with a parent and spend a short time at Choklits Childcare Centre together, before you can then leave your child for a couple of hours. We judge each situation differently, but if the staff feel your child needs further orientation they will arrange more time. We use this first visit to begin learning about your child, to complete the required information sheets, including contact numbers for both parents, emergency numbers and all other relevant information including dietary requirements.

For more information on the orientation processes for each room, please visit this page.

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Arrival & Pick Up Times

Although there are many children who start early, we like all children to be present by 9.30 am, allowing them to enjoy all of the morning’s formal program. A child arriving late when the group is already in session can make settling in harder. It is also important to try and arrive at the same time each day to pick your child up, as they do get used to a routine – they feel more secure if they know, for example, that Mummy or Daddy comes each day after afternoon tea. You are always welcome to ring Choklits and speak with your room leader at any time during the day to check on your child.

Signing In And Out

When dropping off children, parents must come into the Centre with their child and sign in using the touchless electronic role located in our foyer. When leaving Choklits you must also sign your child out using the same electronic role as both are government requirements. We will be there to meet you and your child on your first day and will demonstrate step-by-step how to use the role and iPad along with access to our app so you have transparency on your child's day and can see their progress.

Saying Goodbye

Some children do get distressed when their parents leave them. This is quite normal behaviour at first, but usually disappears as the child becomes more used to his/her surroundings. Often the tears stop as soon as the parent has left. When the time comes for separation, it is best not to prolong the goodbyes, but reassure your child that you will return. As your child becomes more secure and safe in the knowledge that you will return, the moment or separation becomes less stressful.

Absent Days

If your child is away on any day, or arriving later than 9:30am, we ask that you please phone us as early as possible so we ensure everyone is accounted and catered for.

Who Can Collect Your Child

It is our policy that no child attending Choklits can be picked up by persons other than those authorised on the enrolment form, unless previous arrangements have been made with us. Please remember to inform us if someone else is picking up your child.

What To Bring

We encourage you to pack your child’s favourite toy or comforter, a drink bottle and change of clothes. At Choklits, we provide each child with their own sun hat (but you can bring your own if you prefer).


We believe that young children learn through play so their clothes and shoes should be durable to allow for outdoor play and climbing. They will be encouraged to explore a wide range of materials and activities, including some messy ones so please ensure clothing is:

NOT your child’s best gear
Can handle the dirt, and
Clearly labelled

For additional information, please send us an email

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