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Enrolment Enquiries And Choklits Tour Bookings

Your decision to find out more about Choklits Childcare Centre is a wise one, we look forward to connecting and meeting your family! Please complete the form below to send us an enquiry (and include your preferred date and time in the comments field if you would like to organise a tour of Choklits), we’ll be in touch shortly.

Choklits has a minimum two-day enrolment requirement per child as attending for two days or more per week helps children to settle in quickly and to get the most out of our curriculum, programs and extra activities.

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Choose To Jump The Enquiry Queue…

Places at Choklits are limited so we only offer them to families who have joined our waiting list, a general enquiry or booking a centre tour doesn’t secure your place on our waiting list. The length of our waiting list varies from time to time. We offer places to families according to the date they joined our waiting list which can be made up to two years in advance, or up to three years by special request.

The fee to join our waiting list is $58 per child (non-refundable) so please choose the ‘Join Now’ option below if you wish to secure your place ASAP.

We look forward to connecting with you!

Fees + Funding

$139 per day
Positive Changes To The Annual Subsidy Cap

Our daily fee at Choklits is $139 (before government subsidies) no extras, ever …that’s Choklits!

Not only does this fee cover all meals, nappies and consumables, but there is also no additional charge for our many incursions and excursions, to attend our-twice weekly physical education program called Choklits Activate, or for our weekly music and movements lessons or our weekly yoga tuition.

Fees Inclusions


Sports program



Music & movement lessons


Hico White Plus


Yoga tuition


Hico White Plus


Weekly library excursions & language classes

Hico White Plus

All incursions and excursions

Hico White Plus


All meals, nappies & consumables

Hico White Plus

Child Care Subsidy

Your combined family income is one of three key factors that determine how much Child Care Subsidy (CCS) you will receive. Generally, as family income increases, the amount of Government Subsidy decreases.

The other two factors determining your CCS is your fortnightly activity – such as work, study or volunteering, and the type of service your child attends.

One of the benefits of the Governments new Child Care Subsidy is the removal of the annual cap for low and middle-income families.

If your total combined family income is $186,958 pa or less, the annual subsidy cap has now been removed.

If your family earns more between $186,958 and $351,248 pa, the cap will be increased to $10,190 per child, per year (previously $7,613).

This is great news for families who hit this cap well before the financial year is out and find themselves paying full fees or reducing their number of days of care until the annual cap resets. It will also remove the barrier for families wanting to work extra shifts, or increase the days their child attends care.

Unfortunately, calculating your exact subsidy entitlements can be a little confusing so, with some basic information of your own, we’ve made it really easy workout using our child care subsidy calculator. 

More information about the Child Care Subsidy can be found here. 

Choklits Child Care Government Funded Kindergarten Program

Funded Kindergarten Programs

Choklits has a funded three-year-old and a funded four-year-old kindergarten program planned and coordinated by Elena Ermakova who holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. Our Kindergarten programs are the same as council run Kindergartens and private schools. The difference is we operate from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, are open 52 weeks of the year including all school holidays and cater for all family and work situations.

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