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Significant events such as ANZAC Day are deeply ingrained in the Australian experience and our country’s history. At Choklits, we appreciate the benefits of sharing these days with our youngest Australians and helping them to participate in age-appropriate and developmentally applicable ways as it helps to shape their understanding of shared culture and identity. Children […]
We are thrilled to announce that Sue Brewer, our Choklits Child Care Ringwood Centre Director has been crowned Melbourne’s Best Child Care Worker by the Herald Sun; a truly wonderful achievement. In a selection process that speaks to her excellence and lasting impact on families, nominations were submitted from which a short list was published, […]
Gardening with kids is a fun and hugely rewarding experience for parents and children alike. At Choklits Child Care, we love taking advantage of the beautiful Australian weather and spending time outside. Our expansive outdoor play space also includes a garden, where we enjoy getting the children involved in growing the veggies and herbs that […]
What is Shyness? Shyness is a normal developmental stage in children. It is an emotion that influences how a person feels and behaves around others, and is often exacerbated in unfamiliar situations, particularly for children. Physical symptoms of shyness include trembling, tightness in the chest or blushing and feeling speechless, breathless or shaky. Shyness is […]
You might have heard that there are upcoming changes to the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). We’re going to lay out the CCS changes, who is eligible for higher CCS payments and how the payments will increase right here… How is the CCS changing? From the 7th of March 2022, families with two or more children […]
The 17th of February is Random Acts of Kindness Day, making this the perfect time to talk about why incorporating random acts of kindness into your child’s day can be beneficial for them and for others. Acting with kindness, both to oneself and to others, is a significant focus of our program here at Choklits […]
Does your family sit down together for a meal together every day? If not, you may want to consider doing so more often. Why? Because there are a multitude of benefits, for both parents and kids alike, that stem from sharing regular family meals (and most importantly, it doesn’t have to be dinner!). Life is […]
What do trampolines, braille and fairy lights have in common? They were invented by children! The 17th of January is Kid Inventors Day, so we thought this would be the perfect time to tell you a little bit about it, and why it is a valuable occasion to celebrate with your kids. What is Kid […]
Routines are beneficial to all human beings, as they help us to manage the continual flow of decisions we face each day and provide predictability, which is precisely what makes them so valuable for young children. For children and toddlers, change, transitions and uncertainty can be difficult to process and cause stress. Routines combat this […]
Annual Letter, 2021 Hello Choklits Community, As 2021 draws to a close I hope you and your family are enjoying each other’s company and are super excited for a fantastic 2022! Thank you all for your continued support this year, your understanding through the ups and downs and for trusting us with your children. Their […]
It is a great time to take advantage of the good weather and get out and about to enjoy some fun summer activities for kids in Melbourne. When you have a day to spend with the kids, sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to do, so we have compiled a list of some […]
December and January are an exciting and joy-filled time for many of us, when we look forward to celebrating and spending time with family, loved ones and friends. However, during this time, emotions are often running high (not necessarily in a bad way) and children will be faced with many unfamiliar sights, sounds, smells, situations […]
We are very proud of our community at Choklits. Proud because it’s where so many of us have found home. We are a diverse group. We are all different and we each have our own set of life experiences, beliefs and personalities. So, how does being so different work so well? It works because we […]
Self care is often only discussed in the context of how it can benefit and be practiced by individuals, as the name ‘self’ suggests. However, this is a very limited way to view it, as enjoying self care as a family can do wonders for the wellbeing of both parents and children. As a parent, […]
Children are often really excited to pick up an implement and write, whether it be on paper, concrete or even, to parents’ dismay, the walls and furniture. To write successfully, children need to develop dexterity and strength, which they will achieve through repetition. Making marks on a surface is inherently satisfying because children perceive the […]
Australia is home to a diverse range of beautiful environments, from picturesque beaches to lush rainforests to sweltering deserts to windswept coastlines to undisturbed bushland. We are lucky to have nature’s rich, captivating playground on our doorstep, and here at Choklits Child Care Centre, we believe in capitalising on the opportunity it provides to support […]
Project based learning is becoming increasingly popular with educators around the world, and for good reason. Its an innovative and research backed teaching method which engages children’s minds in solving a problem or complex question, leading to them developing sound, real-life knowledge and critical thinking skills. Like most educational techniques, project based learning is not […]
Preliminary writing skills, often referred to as pre-writing skills, are the foundational literacy and motor skills children need to develop before learning to write. You might be surprised that learning to write doesn’t start with letters, but rather much, much earlier, from when your child is able to move independently. In this blog we’ll discuss […]
Play is the vessel through which the vast majority of fundamental learning experiences are delivered to children. Engaging in developmentally appropriate play is crucial for children’s cognitive, social, literacy, numeracy and emotional development. As we’ve discussed previously, children build vital life skills through play, including communication, coordination, problem solving, creativity and autonomy. If you haven’t […]
It is no secret that children love music. From birth, parents instinctively use music to engage with their children, whether it be through nursery rhymes or lullabies, to soothe or animate. Music and song are integral aspects of our culture; they are instrumental in movies, theatre, religious worship, concerts, celebrations, holidays and even official ceremonies. […]
The importance of play cannot be understated. It is considered essential for children, so much so that the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states, in article 31, that children have the right to engage in play. Children absorb an incredible amount of new information everyday and add new skills to their […]
An integral aspect of living in Australia is learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. When we, as early childhood educators, plant seeds of knowledge for the youngest of our learners, we hope that we will nurture their respect for and understanding of First Australians, the people who have lived on this land for […]
Separation anxiety varies wildly between children, and while it is a completely normal aspect of children’s social and brain development, it can be deeply upsetting for both parents and kids. If your child is struggling with separation anxiety, it is important to remember that their unwillingness to leave you is a sign that strong and […]
We have recently launched a new program in our curriculum called Choklits Activate, with the aim of fostering children’s love of movement through age-appropriate and skill-focused activities, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to discuss how beneficial participating in sport and generally being active is for children. Being active is really important […]
Confidence is a vital facet of a happy and healthy life. Confident children believe in themselves and their abilities, understand that they are valuable and feel that they will be able to tackle the challenges that inevitably come their way. Building your child’s confidence is immensely important, which is why those of us at Choklits […]
Communication is our medium for connecting with the people around us, and as such, is a fundamental aspect of our lives. The development of communication skills in young children is vital so that they are able to express themselves, develop social relationships and learn about their world. There are many different methods of communication, which […]
From birth, children experience, explore and interact with the world around them using their senses. Discovering the way different things taste, feel, sound, smell and look is instrumental in children’s understanding of the world, and is lots of fun too! Sensory play is favourite among children and educators alike at Choklits Child Care and Kindergarten, […]
Resilience is a word we often hear within the context of early learning, education, raising children, and life in general, and for good reason. Being resilient is really important for everyone, regardless of age, as it helps us to be happier, healthier and less stressed people, which is always a positive thing! What is resilience? […]
If you have any experience with children, you’ve probably seen a toddler have a meltdown. Sometimes called tantrums, meltdowns are unpleasant and often distressing experiences for parents, children and carers alike, but are an inevitable part of children growing up and learning about their emotions. In this blog, we’re going to explore meltdowns in depth, […]
Excursions are a big part of our education process here at Choklits Child Care Centre, for both the wonderful fun and incredible learning opportunities they provide. We know how valuable it is for children to have experience with a wide array of different situations and people, particularly when it increases their connections within their community […]
With collaboration at the forefront of many of Choklits’ projects, it’s no surprise to see it trickle down into the experiences and learning opportunities for the children. “Collaboration; everyone in our community has the opportunity to appropriately contribute to everything we do and we involve others in our tasks because we believe in the power […]
Mothers and fathers are usually the most central people in children’s lives, and Mother’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to recognise, celebrate and appreciate the things that mothers do and the people they are. At Choklits Child Care, Mother’s Day is one of our favourite events to celebrate and is usually a top pick amongst […]
Our aim at Choklits Child Care is to nurture and educate children to help shape them into kind, happy, empathetic and confident individuals. Events such as ANZAC Day, which are significant in the community, hold a special place in our hearts not only for the people they represent but also for the learning opportunities they […]
May was National Family Reading Month, so we think it’s a pertinent time to discuss the importance of reading to children. Children benefit immensely from being read to, not just from the enjoyment that being immersed in language and stories provides, but also because it supports their emotional literacy and cognitive development; that is, their […]
Children are curious, busy little beings, and are learning to explore the world around them with their minds and bodies. Yoga is an excellent activity for children, both because it helps them to develop skills to lead a healthy lifestyle and navigate life’s challenges, and it’s fun! In this blog, we’re going to talk about […]
The first years of children’s lives are a period of rapid physical, social and emotional growth, during which eating patterns also develop. The types of foods a child eats in their first few years shape their future habits towards food and eating, so here at Choklits, we like to encourage the children to try new […]
Australia is a beautiful, colourful, multicultural country and Harmony Day is a yearly celebration of Australia’s cultural diversity. The word harmony means working together and existing without conflict, and this is the basis of the central theme of Harmony Day; treating all people as equals and celebrating our differences. The key purpose of Harmony Day […]
Children love special events, whether it be Easter, Birthdays or Christmas, because they pick up on the atmosphere of fun and excitement around them. As parent, holidays are made extra special as we get to share in our children’s joy and happiness and learning experiences. These events are also wonderful opportunities for children to explore […]
If lockdown has taught us one thing, it’s that getting out and about is massively beneficial for kids and parents alike. Outdoor play is vital for children, both for physical activity and brain development. Playing outside and exploring new spaces encourages independence, imagination, teamwork and develops problem-solving skills, with the added bonus of being exciting […]
As we move into a new season, from summer to autumn, it is an apt time to think about new beginnings. Throughout life, from birth to adulthood, there are many firsts we encounter; experiences which are often accompanied by both excitement and apprehension. Your child’s first day at Choklits Child Care is one such momentous […]
Who’s ready to take on the Choklits Educators? We are opening up our 2021 footy tipping competition to the wider Choklits Community so everyone has the opportunity to show their footy expertise and tip against the Choklits Educators!
Choklits Owner Jade is continually updating our community throughout the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Below is the latest information we have, we will post further information as it comes to hand.
This blog brings great excitement to share with you our finished Gathering Circle! If you haven’t already, you can catch up on the first half of the journey here. Our finished Gathering Circle is now proudly standing in our front entrance way. It is a symbol that visibly translates our commitment to honouring Aboriginal and […]
Hello Choklits Community, We made it, what a year it has been! Ups, downs, challenge after unexpected challenge and more press conferences than we ever thought we’d watch in our lives.
In early 2019, we were given an amazing opportunity to begin a community project here at Choklits. From collaboration to celebration, we hold our community participation in very high regard because we believe in, and see the advantages of, education for our early learners that extends well beyond our own grounds. As you can probably […]
I first wrote this blog in early 2020, during the first round of COVID-19 related remote learning. As I recently revisited it in August, I reflected on my feelings and thoughts about remote learning and, as both a mother and educator, how they have changed. We’ve all been challenged this year and are likely to […]
To support our Choklits Kindergarten Class in the NAIDOC Virtual Art Competition please vote here. The crazy creators of this wonderful piece thank you in advance for your support!
Dear Parents/Carers, We have been really proud to see some of our children already adapting to life with faces masks. Children’s ability to adapt with such positivity is inspiring to us all at Choklits. We are supporting everyone who chooses to wear a face covering and wanted to provide some clarification on the rules for […]
This blog is straight from our Pre-Toddler Room, a look at how they created their recent flag that is now framed and hanging on our wall for all Choklits visitors to see. Over to the Pre-Toddler Room… It’s not perfect, with little smudge marks and a black paint brush that went wayward, but it […]
Choklits takes pride in acknowledging many significant community events throughout the year. We want our future generations to have a strong understanding of these important events, as well as feel linked to the community they come from. The foundation of this learning begins early, from our nursery babies all the way through to the kindergarten […]
When we plan experiences at Choklits, we draw on a wide knowledge base. This comes from our own understanding of how children learn, research based evidence and early childhood theory, as well as observing and analysing the children’s interests, needs and individual development. A tried and tested favourite, is classic playdough. If you want to […]
On Thursday 12th March, we were lucky enough to have Natasha (Tash) from The Sage Garden visit us for our seasonal gardening incursion. Tash lives and breathes her philosophy of teaching children to embrace, respect and love the natural world. After a lengthy dedication to studying gardening and teaching (she holds an Advanced Diploma […]
(The Kindergarten Book Week Project, 2019) Last year, the Kinder children took part in a long-term project to capture their literacy skills and share them with the Choklits community. Beginning in Book Week (a much-loved annual Choklits event celebrating books), the project spanned over several weeks, and culminated in a bus trip (or two) and […]
Recently, the team from Toddle came to visit Choklits. What really struck me after the visit, was the way it highlighted the features of Choklits that make us a unique centre. Here’s a look at how our day went… The day of filming gave pause for thought around the curiosity and connections of the children, […]
Who’s ready to take on the Choklits Educators? We are opening up our 2020 footy tipping competition to the wider Choklits Community so everyone has the opportunity to show their footy expertise and tip against the Choklits Educators!
One of the foundations of early learning at Choklits child care centre in Ringwood is to enable children to realise their potential as an individual and member of a group. It is both the individual learning and the learning as part of a wider group that I’d like to focus on through exploring some recent […]
As children grow and develop, connections to the outside world help them to find their place in the world, to develop an understanding of how society works, and to recognise and understand the shared values that underpin our society. Through the whole year, the kinder group children showed their intense wonders in plants and insects. […]
“It takes a village to raise a child” If that famous saying is true, then we want that village to be a strong and cohesive community where every child has the opportunity to flourish. For children, a sense of community plays an important role in the development of their feelings of belonging and security. Children […]
The Self Portrait Project is something we embarked on with our Pre-Kindergarten class in 2018. At Choklits, some of our curricula is derived directly from the children’s interests, here’s how the project went… When noticing the children’s interests in drawing it became apparent there was passion and a desire to express themselves, their identity, and […]
Who is Bunjil? “Who is Bunjil?” was a year-long project which formed part of our curriculum and commitment to honouring the traditional custodians of our land. Throughout this year at Choklits child care centre in Ringwood, Melbourne we have been focusing on our connection to our country and deepening our understanding of the traditional owners […]
Choklits is excited to welcome back Farmer Kevin for our annual mobile farm visit! Kevin has been visiting Choklits for over 15 years and we love the visit every year.
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