Choklits Spring Menus 2023

Choklits Spring Menu 2023

Our 2023 Spring Menu: A Combination of Taste and Nutrition

Choklits has always been committed to nurturing not just the minds but also the bodies of your little learners. This spring, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest menu — curated to ensure optimum nutrition, taste, and, of course, enjoyment for your children. Here’s why you can rest easy knowing your child is getting the best in food and nutrition at Choklits.

Seasonal & Fresh

Australia’s spring season offers a choice of fresh produce, and our menu is designed to take full advantage of this. From succulent chicken and fresh fish to farm-fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits, we source high-quality ingredients that are as tasty as they are beneficial. An array of fresh fruit options is available daily, ensuring natural sweetness without the added sugar.

Dietary Diversity

Variety is not just the spice of life; it’s essential for a balanced diet. Our four-week rotating menu ensures that children are exposed to a range of food groups, including lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. 


Our menu pays special attention to the nutrient needs of growing children. Let’s take the “Lamb and Rice Harvest Bowl” as an example. It features tenderly cooked diced lamb paired with fluffy rice, mixed with roasted spring vegetables. This dish is a wonderful source of protein, fibre, and essential nutrients, making it a fully balanced meal suitable for growing children.

Another standout is our “Springtime Beef Pasta,” a delectable blend of slow-cooked beef with fresh tomatoes, basil, and wholegrain pasta. This dish provides essential proteins and carbohydrates, along with a variety of vitamins from the fresh produce.

Snacks are not an afterthought here; we include a wide range of nutritious options for morning and afternoon tea. Items like wholegrain rice cakes with cheese and sultanas or freshly baked oat and apple bars are not just delicious but also filled with nutrients.

Every dish and snack on our menu is planned to adhere to and even exceed the guidelines set by Nutrition Australia. This ensures that your child is eating balanced, healthy meals that are conducive to their growth and well-being.

Culturally Inclusive

Our menu is a gastronomic tour of the world’s kitchens. Sounds fancy right? And, it is! However, what is often overlooked is the reason we do this. Our menu and the meals we serve are another tool for teaching. From the “Jamaican Stew” to the “Sri Lankan Curry,” your child will learn to appreciate different tastes and textures, broadening their culinary horizons. This aligns well with our educational philosophy, which values diversity and multicultural understanding.

Catering to Special Needs

At Choklits, we appreciate that some children have special dietary needs. Therefore, we offer gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives and can cater to other requirements upon request. We’re also committed to a nut-free environment for the safety of those with allergies.

No Added Sugars and No Nuts

We know that too much sugar can have adverse effects on children’s health and behaviour. We don’t even buy sugar at Choklits! Therefore, our recipes look to natural sweet options, eliminating the need for added sugar. We also strive to maintain a nut-free service to accommodate children with allergies, including nuts and eggs.

Approved By Nutrition Australia

Parents can take comfort in the fact that our menu adheres to and has been endorsed by Nutrition Australia’s guidelines for child care services. Each meal is crafted to provide the right balance of nutrients necessary for physical and cognitive development.

Our spring menu is not just a meal plan but a carefully designed nutritional program that aligns with our broader ethos of holistic child development. Here’s to a season of growth, health, and happy eating!

If you have any questions on our new menu please head to our Facebook and Instagram pages or pop in and see us when you’re next at the centre.

On behalf of the Choklits Chefs, Saliya, Lai & Lauren, here is the Choklits Spring Menu 2023.

Jodi, Rach, Deb, Jade & Matt

Choklits Child Care

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