Choklits Winter Menus 2023

Choklits Winter Menus 2023

Hello Choklits Community,

As you know, we are committed to nurturing and educating all children. One critical aspect of this is ensuring that the children in our care receive nutritious, balanced, and delicious meals which is why we are proud to present our Winter Menu for 2023, this one is a little bit special!

Firstly, and as always, it has been thoughtfully designed by both our chefs and key members of our leadership teams. But, we wanted to lift our standards a little higher and are excited to announce this menu has also been approved by Nutrition Australia and is in line with the highest nutritional standards. This accreditation from such a prestigious body is a testament to our team’s commitment to your child’s wellbeing.

For parents, this approval provides peace of mind that your child’s dietary needs are being met. You can be assured that each meal is not only enjoyable, but also balanced, varied, and appropriate for your child’s age, cultural background, and any specific dietary requirements. With dairy and gluten-free options available, and a dedication to reducing added sugar in our recipes, our menu caters for every child’s dietary needs.

The benefits of a nutritious diet for children are immeasurable. A healthy diet promotes optimal growth and development, supports immune function, and is fundamental for the development of long-term healthy eating habits.

For example, on Monday of Week 2, we offer a lunch of Sri Lankan Chicken Curry with Rice. This meal is high in protein from the chicken, which is essential for growth and development. The rice provides complex carbohydrates for sustained energy release throughout the day. It’s a balanced meal that also introduces children to diverse flavours.

In the afternoons, we provide Wholegrain Rice Cakes with Cheese and Sultanas for a nutrient-dense snack. Whole grains are a great source of fibre, which supports digestive health, while the cheese offers calcium, important for bone health. The sultanas add a touch of natural sweetness and provide vitamins and minerals.

The Choklits Superfood Bowl, available for lunch on Monday of Week 4, is another fantastic example. With quinoa, chickpea, and rice forming a nutrient-packed base, children benefit from a high-fiber, protein-rich meal. Accompanied by grilled chicken strips, this meal offers lean protein and important vitamins like B12.

With every meal and snack, we are not just feeding your children; we are nourishing them, teaching them about the wide world of food, and helping them establish a healthy relationship with eating. We believe that a well-fed child is a happy, engaged, and successful learner!

If you have any questions on our new menu please head to our Facebook and Instagram pages or pop in and see us when you’re next at the centre.

On behalf of the Choklits Chefs, Saliya, Lai & Lauren, here is the Choklits Winter Menu 2023.

We look forward to our little learners’ feedback on the exciting new flavours coming to Choklits next week! 

Jodi, RachDeb, Jade & Matt

Choklits Child Care

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