Choklits Summer Menus 2021

Choklits Summer Menus 2021

Hello Choklits Community,

I’ve just returned to the kitchen from our Kindergarten Graduation Celebrations. What a wonderful morning with the Choklits Community sending our kindergarten class off to school. I loved learning about the children’s plans for their future, in particular their dream jobs.

And, can you believe it, one of our graduating children wants to be a chef when they grow up! Looks like the Choklits kitchen succession plan is now sorted. Haha!!

Our summer menus are now available and I’m really excited to be sharing more new dishes, in particular those ones with that uniquely Choklits flair. Any dish that either comes directly from the Choklits gardens or has input from the children always makes me smile.

Our philosophy here at Choklits stands true; the more you involve the children in the growing and preparing of our food, the more enthusiastic they are to try new things. I know I write that for almost every season, but it’s just so important to ask for their input and include them wherever possible because it helps so much with their development and learning.

To help extend our cooking experiences for our early learners we have purchased some new kitchen equipment. it’s designed to be safe for children and we plan on using it a lot during the summer season! After the children help me pick the herbs from the Choklits gardens, we will hang them to dry. Then, after a few safety lessons, we will use our new equipment together to grind the herbs and then include them in our cooking.

Our herbs will go very nicely with the change in texture for our summer meals too. I will be grating more vegetables this season which will give the children new and smoother textures to try. It’s often overlooked, but the way food feels in our mouths is just as important as the way it tastes because it adds to each experience when eating food.

Speaking of textures, the Pre-Toddler children have just bought me a mango smoothie to try which they’ve made themselves! It tastes delicious, so look out parents and carers, you might need to stock up your fridges and make some time to try smoothie over the summer holidays!

If you have any questions about our menu or would like to talk about food, please let me know via either the Choklits Facebook and Instagram accounts. I’ll respond to any questions and comments there. Hopefully we can welcome you all back into the centre in 2022 and we can talk in person again!

Please enjoy our 2021 summer menu…

Helen Rooney

Choklits Chef, Choklits Child Care Centre

Choklits Child Care

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