Choklits Spring Menus 2022

Choklits Child Care Chef Lai

Hello Choklits Community,

It’s always a wonderful time of the year and I’m starting to feel it again, spring is in the air! We have almost finished our Wacky Winter menus which turned out to be a great success. Both Saliya and I have noticed there’s quite a few Choklits Educators who are regularly ‘forgetting’ to bring their lunches which we take as a huge compliment and are always happy to help with.

Our spring menus are below for you. Each dish has come as a result of trying, testing and getting feedback from our children and educators. There are two main changes to the menu for this season. 

Firstly, we are putting much more of an emphasis on lunch as it’s the main meal of the day and going for lighter and fresher options at morning and afternoon tea times. We’re removing most of the baked goods which is a result of consultation with the Victorian Healthy Eating Advisory Service website, the guide we use to ensure our menus contain everything our early learners need for their days and nothing they can do without. The Choklits no packet, no added sugar policy takes this to an even higher level.

The first change has allowed us to make the second change, lunch is becoming a much more comprehensive meal. While many children tend to stick to meals they know they’ll like, there is an important  balance with trying new things too. Adding spices, more flavour and different combinations help introduce children to a wider variety of flavours and in some cases a higher level nutritional value too. For example, there’s incredible long term value for our children if we can find a way to serve vegetables not so they’ll eat them, but so they actually love eating them!

Our no packet, no sugar policy will obviously remain foundational in our approach. The main meal of the day will become more comprehensive over time to help give the children a bigger variety of flavours and textures to try. We will also be incorporating more vegetables, fruits and herbs from our Choklits gardens 

If you have any questions about this spring season or would like to talk about food, please feel free to pop in and see either of us in the Kitchen. Or, get in touch via the Choklits Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

On behalf of Saliya and myself, here is the Choklits Spring Menu 2022!

Boon Lai

Choklits Child Care Chef at Surrey Hills

Choklits Child Care

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