Small Group Projects

With collaboration at the forefront of many of Choklits’ projects, it’s no surprise to see it trickle down into the experiences and learning opportunities for the children. 

Collaboration; everyone in our community has the opportunity to appropriately contribute to everything we do and we involve others in our tasks because we believe in the power of many.”

By offering small group experiences (alongside planning for individual goals and achievements), we are able to include the theories of learning that lead to the best outcomes for the children. Opportunities for cooperation invite practicing social skills like taking turns with equipment, communicating your thoughts to those around you, negotiating roles and sharing physical spaces with others. 

Small Group Projects

The educators are not the only learning guides in the environment; the children themselves are great supporters and instructors! This drives their individual as well as shared learning. Setting up children based on their individual skills and abilities allows them to take on the roles of learning from and teaching one another. Our knowledge of each child allows us to maximise the learning by pairing them with children who they can guide or be guided by. 

This approach also utilises the strong relationships they have formed. If you’ve ever seen a group of young learners together, you’ll understand the observed need they demonstrate to connect with each other. They actively seek social ways of being and exploring the world with others! 

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There is also a special pleasure in contributing to a common goal. As they work to achieve an outcome together, the children enjoy the shared benefit of making it happen with the efforts of many hands. The shared learning allows them to walk the journey together, and on completion, celebrate and take pride in their hard work. 

Some of the projects in the Pre-Kindergarten room this year have included:

  • Creating a visual representation of our Acknowledgement to Country (a time where we come together to share words that reflect our appreciation, respect and gratitude to the custodians of the land we meet on) 
  • Shared art projects, including painting a Rainbow Snake to link in with learning about Aboriginal perspectives from our Gathering Circle (you can learn more about that here)

Both are proudly displayed and used within the learning program – and seem all the more sweeter because of the collaboration and pride in having created them together.   


Author: Dee, Choklits Pre-Kinder Room Leader

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