Exploring our 5 Senses at the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens

Exploring Our 5 Senses At The Cranbourne Botanical Gardens 1

As children grow and develop, connections to the outside world help them to find their place in the world, to develop an understanding of how society works, and to recognise and understand the shared values that underpin our society. Through the whole year, the kinder group children showed their intense wonders in plants and insects. To extend their love in nature, we went on an adventure to the Royal Botanical Garden Cranbourne with our 5 senses. We started the day off with great excitement, the bus ride was full of chatter as we made our way there.

“We’re on a bus!”

“Are we there yet?”

“Will we drive on the freeway?”

So many excited voices echoing around the bus, “Are we there yet? “

Exploring Our 5 Senses At The Cranbourne Botanical Gardens 2

Once we arrived, the tour guides, Bridgette and Jaffa invited us to go on the adventure with them. The children fully enjoyed every moment at the park.

Exploring Our 5 Senses At The Cranbourne Botanical Gardens 3

With our eyes, we saw the stunning red sand landscape from Central Australia; different types of plants and trees from all over the country. Do you know the grass trees that we met are more than 400 years old?

With our hands, we closed our eyes and got to feel the different textures from the nature loos parts; Hugged the bloodwood tree and felt its sap with our fingertips; Tickled flowers and bushes and wondered why the little yellow flowers feel stiff like paper.

With our ears, we listened to birds’ chirping and singing; brought our ears to the bottle trees which have water held in their trunks.

With our nose, we tickled various bushes from the Mint Garden, smelled highly fragrant flowers or leaves.

With our mouth, we asked lots of questions!

At the end of the session, we were offered some warm lemon myrtle tea and learned more indigenous culture from Jaffa.

Choklits Excursion Botanical Gardens 2

Once our tour of the park finished we visited the playground where the children were fascinated with the totem poles. They climbed, balanced and jumped from all the different sized poles working out ways to climb to the highest pole.

Exploring Our 5 Senses At The Cranbourne Botanical Gardens 3 (1)
The children had such a great day at the gardens and the bus ride home was a great way to reflect upon the day (or sneek in a little nap).
Choklits Excursion Botanical Gardens

We look forward to our next adventure and seeing what new things we can learn.

Authored by Jade Ingleby, Choklits Child Care Owner

PS- watch the video of our adventure to Cranbourne Botanical Garden, it’s in our video gallery.

With excursions like these as well as our many incursions, not to mention our wonderful nurturing staff and fantastic facilities, Choklits at Ringwood is a very popular child care centre for families in Ringwood, Mitcham, Wantirna, Ringwood East, Bayswater, Vermont and with families living even further from our centre.

And, we have several more adventures planned, so join the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for updates as we head out into our great community!

FYI Choklits also has another early learning centre, Surrey Hills Child Care Centre and will open later in the year Croydon Child Care Centre.

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