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Childhood is much more than the first stage of life, it’s the most important! Did you know that 90% of a child’s brain develops before they are 5 years old? The research now shows us the behaviours and habits we learn and develop as children affect our life-long health, development and well-being.

Being a child really is super important!

Teaching children the proven skills they need for life, setting them up for success and getting them ready to excel at school is what we do best at Choklits.

Early Leaning is the key to lifelong success

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“In addition to the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework (VEYLF), the standard curriculum which every government-funded Early Learning Centre must follow, Choklits does things big, really big! Our curriculum is truly inclusive and designed to give every child the best possible start in life. We promote agency, independence and interdependence through interactions, experiences, routines and events, planned and unplanned. We believe Learning is Everywhere and our focus is on learning through play. Our Educator’s extensive knowledge of the framework allows us to prepare meaningful and engaging programs based on children’s development and individual interests. By the time children are finished at Choklits they are not just ready to start school, they are ready to excel” – Qing Liu, Choklits Centre Director

Here’s what parents and others from our community are saying about Choklits Early Learning…

Setting your child up for success

New Minds

Choklits is a big space for flourishing minds.

Learning environments are much more than just classrooms, they are structured spaces designed to help children feel safe, secure, and inspired to learn. We like to say that when the environment is right, learning naturally occurs.

Choklits is most often described as “homely”. We have a humongous backyard and believe in large amounts of outdoor play. It is within these nurturing and stimulating settings, our experienced educators implement the Choklits curriculum; an educational framework that is led by the interest of the child to build knowledge and critical thinking skills. 

We follow the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework (VEYLF) and Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which is a play-based learning methodology.

Our high quality educational program encompasses literacy, numeracy, science, art, music, and language and is underpinned by a focus on social and emotional development. This contemporary approach to learning sets the platform for a successful transition to school and promotes a love of life-long learning.

New Partnership

A Partnership with Parents and Carers

We know raising children is never a one person job so parents and families are always welcome to visit our centre in Surrey Hills. Our ‘open-door’ policy encourages parents to visit us and discuss their child’s progress. The benefits of a supportive relationship between home and Choklits cannot be over-emphasised, as children develop confidence and a healthy understanding of themselves and others in a social context that respects and recognises individual differences.

New Sports

Sports Program; Choklits Activate

We have a real passion for the outdoors at Choklits, so it’s probably no surprise that we also love sport. We love getting active so much that we’ve developed a unique program called Choklits Activate which is facilitated within the Choklits grounds by our very own specialist teachers. Aside from the obvious fun, sport plays a key role in children’s developmental areas including; gross and fine motor skills, teamwork and cooperation, social interaction, listening and concentration. Children can also develop greater self-confidence through sports, enhance their self-esteem, develop a sense of achievement and shape their overall well being. Physical activity enhances mental learning.

New Music

Music & movement lessons

Music and movement are an integral part of each room’s program on a daily basis. The benefits of being involved in music is to help children familiarise themselves with instruments, different forms of music, dance and songs as well as group participation and interaction. Movement develops gross motor skills, coordination and cognitive skills. Additionally, we offer a complimentary weekly music incursion run by specialist music teachers.

New Yoga

Yoga tuition

The introduction of yoga at an early age helps children to develop healthy lifestyle practices and gives them several techniques to help them navigate life challenges. In early stages, yoga is the study and practice of the connection between mind and body. Simple techniques like learning to use deep tummy breathing in times of frustration introduces children to tools and ideas to help them stay calm and focused. Our yoga sessions are facilitated by specialist teachers each week.

New Reading

Reading & language classes

Reading and language form the basis for lifelong learning. Each week our kindergarten class leaves the Choklits grounds and heads to the library where they return, browse, read and borrow books. Getting out into the community helps children begin to understand their place in the world and how to interact with others. As the telling and sharing of stories is one of the most effective ways children learn, our library visits are much loved by the children, often stoking their imaginations and enhancing their storytelling skills. Our kindergarten class is currently learning Chinese via the language program called ELLA, an Australian Government initiative that inspires children by driving a genuine interest in new language and culture.

New Excursions

Incursions and excursions

We facilitate many incursions and excursions each year to ensure we incorporate knowledge from well beyond the Choklits grounds. Getting out into the community helps children begin to understand their place in the world and how to interact with others. In the past that has included; animal experts, drama and dancing, indigenous awareness, an animal farm visit, a dentist, a firetruck visit, a photographer visit, road safety awareness, pet awareness, water safety awareness, excursions to the Botanical Gardens, Chesterfield Farm and retirement villages, and a visit from Father Christmas. We also hold an annual Christmas concert and BBQ for our entire Community to attend which is one of our favourite times of the year.

New Fees

All inclusive fees

Choklits is an all inclusive centre so there is never anything extra to pay to attend. Our fees include all meals, nappies and consumables. We like everyone to feel at home here from day one so when each child starts they receive a welcome pack including a Choklits t-shirt, a copy of our cookbook and a sun hat. We also provide bedding for the children who require it and have spare clothing for short-term loan.

More from our community …

I would like to thank all the staffs of this Choklits Surrey Hill, especially the Director Qing and Manager Dee, for their support during this tough time for my child and I. I just moved to Box Hill, and I have had multiple tours around all the childcare in Box Hill. But there was not any make me feel satisfied with. As a result, I finally came across Choklits on a strong recommendation from a friend who has worked in the education industry for more than ten years. The environment inside is the cleanest childcare I have ever visited. And the teachers and children in this childcare are very kind. And the apps used for communication between families and educators is also very convenient for parents to know their children’s daily situation at any time. Teachers and the diretor will also communicate with each parent in a timely and patient manner. And they were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about my child in a short time. So my child adapted to this new environment with their help in few days. Also, the distribution ratio between children and teachers is appropriate. Almost every child receives timely care and attention. Especially children with allergies are also highly concerned and cared by Choklits. The Choklits’s food is very good and the facilities here are also very good. Parents are strongly recommended to send their children to this childcare. This is undoubtedly a great support for parents.


Choklits Surrey Hills has been such a wonderful, positive place for my 2 year old. The staff always have a smile on their face and are so welcoming and the rooms and grounds are so clean. The educators are fabulous and are always trying to find new ways to educate and keep the kids engaged and learning. I highly recommend.


Choklits is an amazing centre where both our boys thrived, thanks to the warm and caring educators and the variety of activities and incursions included. I highly recommend this centre.


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There are only 1826 days between birth and turning 5 years old...

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