Choklits Autumn Menus 2022

Choklits Menus Autumn 2022

Hello Choklits Community,

This has been by far and away the biggest season ever at Choklits and a particularly exciting one for me. The opening of Choklits Child Care in Surrey Hills has changed my role, I have a new kitchen to work in and I’ve returned to the old days when my kitchen was a lot quieter.  

Well, a bit quieter in terms of how many children I’m cooking for, but there’s still a whole lot to do settling into our new centre in Surrey Hills and getting the food program setup for the children and families who’ve just joined our Choklits Community.

Revisiting some of our fundamentals has served as a great reminder of all the good things we do with nutrition at Choklits. Our no added sugar and no packet policies have been very well received at Surrey Hills. Ironing out those sugar highs has, in just a few days, changed our meal times here. The children are engaging much more and seem to have a lot more concentration too. They are also finding it much easier to stick to their meal times which allows the curriculum to run a lot smoother.

Our autumn menus are now available and posted below. As the temperatures begin to lower we are returning to some of our more hearty style meals, a bit of a blend between summer and winter for the transition season.

Our children’s choice day remains as it continues to be a great success. The children made pizza last week at Ringwood as their choice and I must say I did miss seeing their creations. Once Surrey Hills is setup and systemised, I’ll be back at Ringwood with all my favourite children.

If you have any questions about our menu or would like to talk about food, please let me know via either the Choklits Facebook and Instagram accounts. I’ll respond to any questions and comments there. 

Please enjoy our 2022 autumn menu…

Helen Rooney

Choklits Child Care Centre Chef

Choklits Child Care

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