July News 2017

Imaginative Play

Dear Parents,

We are halfway through winter and are now looking forward to the downhill run to Spring. We have had some very cold days mixed with bursts of brilliant sunshine so the children have been able to go out, explore, run around the yard, ride the bikes and dig in the sandpit. Thank you for remembering their warm jackets. The children love to do cooking at Choklits child care. A few weeks ago some of the toddlers and the kindergarten children made their own Pizza’s and loved it. It was amazing how much they ate when they made it themselves. It was lovely listening to the conversation about what they would like to put on their pizza.

July Events Reviewed

The week of July 2nd – 9th was NAIDOC WEEK and the focus this year was on the importance of language in the Indigenous community, an important part of Australia’s identity and heritage. Pyjama day on July 12th was a big hit with both staff and children. Everyone was very relaxed and comfortable for the whole day in their PJs and we managed to raise $50. Choklits matched the donations so a total of $100 was sent to the winter city mission appeal. We had a cultural incursion on Fri 28th with Tristan Harris delivering an interactive program showcasing face painting, stories and playing of his didgeridoo. The children were very engaged and loved participating in the activities. The program gives children an appreciation and respect for different cultures and an understanding of Australian indigenous history. Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter, please remember our door is always open and that we value family participation across all aspects of our program.

Until next time,


why do toddlers have meltdowns
There Is A Lot Happening In August and September
  • Ready Steady Go Sports Program, every Monday afternoon
  • Rhythm and Moves Music Program, every Wednesday morning
  • Plant A Tree Day, 9th of August
  • Wild Action Rockpool, 29th of August
  • Dentist Visit in September
  • Father’s Day Celebrations, date to be confirmed for September

Please read the flyers on our notice board and your child’s room for more information on these days.

ABC’s of Toilet Training

Toilet training is a major milestone in your child’s development. There is a lot of information and opinions on toilet training and as I start to embark on this milestone with my 2.5-year-olds twins I have been given some wonderful strategies from the educators at Choklits (which included buying lots and lots of undies) and also found this article very useful: Click Here. Please feel free to ask me how I am going. I would also love to hear any of your toilet training stories. Come and see me in the office or email me at [email protected].

How Much Is Too Much TV?

Choklits is a proud sponsor of the Kids Health and Safety Guide. They release a publication quarterly in relation to parenting techniques and guidance with particular focus on children’s health and wellbeing. The winter issue focuses on some very topical issues, one which we hear discussed at the centre all the time is screen time. Other topics covered in this issue, is age appropriate discipline techniques for children, water safety, bike safety and cold and flu management.

Staff Member Acknowledgement

This month we would like to acknowledge Melissa Rice, who the children adore. Mel loves planning fun and exciting activities for the children and interacts with children at their level. Some days you can walk in the room and Mel will be on the floor or at a table with so many children huddled around her she’s hard to spot! Mel has an eagerness to learn and is always looking for new ways of doing things. Well done, Mel great job!


As always, we love to get any feedback or menu suggestions so please email us at [email protected] or pop in and see our Chef Helen.

Woolworths Earn and Learn

On the 26th of July Choklits began participating in the Woolworths Earn and Learn promotion. All families who shop at Woolworths can collect stickers and help support Choklits. Here is how you can participate;

  1. Shop: you earn one sticker for every $10 spent at Woolworths between the 26th of July – the 19th of September
  2. Stick: use the stickers to complete sticker sheet cards which are available at Woolworths and at Choklits
  3. Give Back: drop the sticker cards into the collection box located at Choklits in the foyer.

The collection of sticker cards will be totaled at the end of September and if we get enough stickers Choklits could be eligible for some new resources, in previous years this has included sports equipment and books. Thank you in advance for your support.

Fees and Statements

The new CCB & CCR started on July 3rdand although we had a few hiccups, it’s now sorted out and everyone should now know their new fees. The CCR for the 2017/2018 financial year has been capped at $7,613.00. I have spoken to some families who will use that up before the end of the current financial year so please speak to me if you have any questions about your specific circumstances.

Policy Review and Staff Training

We review different policies and procedures at Choklits every month. July included a review of our policy administering of medication, general health guidelines and pick up requirements when children are unwell at the centre. In addition, we also reviewed our enrolment policy. All of our policies and procedures are available for you to see in the foyer of the centre and our educators are here to help with any questions. If you would like to have input into any of our policies please email Sue, [email protected].

Parent Feedback and Input

We welcome any feedback from our families, if you would like to have a chat please come and see us in the office or send any questions or concerns to [email protected].

Choklits Child Care

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