How and where to post a Choklits review

On this page you’ll find information about how to review and recommend Choklits Child Care on Google, Facebook and Care for Kids.


Reviews are like traditional word of mouth recommendations, for the internet. The purpose of a review is to let others know of your service or product experience and to help them make their own informed choices.

We believe in transparency at Choklits so we encourage people to both share their own Choklits experience online and read what other people in our community are saying about us too. It really helps spread the word about all the wonderful things the Choklits Educators do here at our centre. Sharing is caring, as you’ve probably heard many of our early learners say.

We are very grateful to have many Google, Facebook and Care for Kids reviews. Many families have visited and joined the Choklits community based on the reviews our community has been kind enough to post.

Leaving Reviews

Great reviews are informative and constructive. They should help anyone with little or no knowledge about Choklits get an understanding of the type of educational facility Choklits is. It’s obviously important to be detailed, specific and honest because (as said) many people rely heavily on reviews when making educational choices for their children.

A great review often includes some or all of the following ideas –

  • specific elements you like about Choklits
  • the staff you have had interactions with and how they have helped you
  • parts of the curriculum your children really enjoys
  • aspects of the Choklits philosophy you like
  • why you initially chose and now recommend Choklits Child Care
  • anything else you think others should know

Don’t forget to proofread your review before you post it. A surprising number of reviews contain errors so it’s a great idea to review what you have written before posting.

Leaving a Google Review

To leave a Google Review for Choklits, click here. Note, you will need to log into your own Google (gmail) account if prompted to post a review and give Choklits a star rating. It’s not essential, but you can also add any of your favourite Choklits photos to our Google Maps profile using the same link, if you choose.

Leaving a Facebook Recommendation

Facebook now calls reviews “recommendations”. To leave a Facebook recommendation for Choklits, click here. Note, you will need to log into your own Facebook account if prompted. Under the heading in the middle column “Do you recommend Choklits Child Care?”, click on “yes”. From there, you can write your recommendation for Choklits and post it. You can also create a Choklits recommendation post to send directly to Facebook groups from the same place. Facebook automatically determines a business’s rating based on the recommendations users post.

Care for Kids Review

Care for Kids is a Child Care directory service parents can use to find child care services. To leave a review and star rating for Care for Kids, click here. Note, you need to log in to leave a review and to use the star rating system.

Choklits Reviews

We have many reviews in different places online so we’ve put them all in the one place to make the easier to find, Note, you cannot leave a review on this page, reviews must be posted as each individual platform (Google, Facebook, Care for Kids) requires.

Thank you!

Thank you for considering reviewing Choklits! It certainly helps many more people learn about and find their way to our centre.

If you haven’t read any of our children’s books yet, we’d like to give you a one, please click here. Thank you!

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