Choklits now has a digital Sign In and Sign Out procedure!

Here’s Jade to show you how it’s done, you’ll find the iPad in our foyer-

Signing your child in for the first time:
1. Insert your phone number
2. Sign In with the preset code 0000, then set up your own unique PIN
3. Your login details will now be set
4. Next, Sign In your child/ren by selecting the child/ren then selecting “Sign In”
5. Repeat the same process to sign your child out, by selecting “Sign Out”

Benefits of using digital kiosk Sign in/out System
Old paper sign in/out sheets are now a thing of the past, QK Kiosk helps us better manage and record the exact drop-off and pick up times for your child to ensure nothing is missed and all the new government subsidy requirements are met.

In addition to this, you will have the ability to confirm any missed attendances and recorded absences. You will also be able to view and acknowledge any important messages from the service!

If the QK Kiosk (touchscreen) doesn’t accept your phone number, please double check with the staff that we have your correct phone number recorded on our system. We can quickly update it, then you’ll be able to log in.

Can a family member or friends to drop off or collect my child?
Yes, if additional family members or friends are recorded in our system as an Emergency Contact and are flagged as ‘authorised to collect’. The additional contacts will have their own login details (phone number & private PIN) so they can easily drop off or collect your child when required.

If you have any questions, please ask any of our educators who will be able to assist you.