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By accessing or using this website, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of use (“Terms Of Use”), which form a legal agreement between you and Choklits Child Care Centre and Kindergarten. Do not use this website if you do not agree to these terms of use.

Terms of Use

You acknowledge that the Website, the Service and all related content are subject to copyright and possibly other intellectual property rights (Intellectual Property Rights).

Choklits retain all right, title, and interest in and to the Website, the Service and all related content, and nothing you do on or in relation to the Website, the Service or any of the related content will transfer any Intellectual Property Rights to you or licenses you to exercise any Intellectual Property Rights whatsoever, except any license granted to you in writing.

Permission to electronically reproduce the Web Presence, the Service or any related content in whole or in part for any other purpose is expressly prohibited, unless prior written consent is obtained from us.

We may revoke the permission referred to within this document at any time and may suspend or deny, in our sole discretion, your access to all or any portion of the Website or the Service without notice.

You acknowledge and accept that the information contained on this Web Presence (the website information) may include inaccuracies. Choklits has compiled the information contained in this website in good faith and has attempted to ensure that all information is accurate at the time of inclusion. However, the information contained in this website may include inadvertent and occasional errors and is provided “as is”.

You acknowledge and accept that the website information is subject to change at any time and may not necessarily be up to date or accurate at the time you view it. You should enquire with us directly to ensure the accuracy and currency of the material you seek to rely upon.

Choklits reserves the right at any time to change or add to this website, including these terms of use.

This site includes registered trademarks, and other trademarks that are otherwise protected by law. Except as expressly authorised, the use or misuse of any of these trademarks is strictly prohibited.
You must not attempt to change, add to, remove, deface, hack or otherwise interfere with this Web Presence or any material or content displayed on this website. You must not attempt to break into or access restricted areas, or information that has not been specifically granted to you in the public areas of the website.

Choklits respects 3rd party contents and images and therefore we will not use any one’s information without

a) getting written permission and
b) referencing to the source of this information.

All images used are either purchased or from a royalty free source. As we also get thirty part sources to supply contents and graphics, we will not use any of the contents or images deliberately to breach the copywriting of a 3rd party ownership. However, if any contents or images are found on our website which are breaching the copywriting act, upon receiving such notice with the relevant proof by the owner(s), we will immediately remove the material from our website as it is almost impossible for us to identify the validity of the source at all time.

If you breach any of these Terms of Use, and Choklits has knowledge of that breach, a failure to pursue legal action or to enforce any remedy against you will not constitute a waiver of Choklits legal rights.

Any waiver of these Terms of Use will only be effective if it is in writing and signed by Choklits.

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