Elena Ermakova

Elena Ermakova

Elena holds a Bachelor of Education and has been in the education industry for over 8 years. Elena has lots of experience with all age groups, has a passion for music and has taught internationally.

Over to Elena…

I am passionate about empowering young children, in a safe, nurturing and an inclusive environment, preparing them for what may lay ahead, especially in their school career. I enjoy working in an inspiring environment with children, families and staff from different cultures and faiths. Each one adding their own input into the cultural aspects of the program and teaching me about how diverse our world is.

My career started many years ago as a music teacher in Russian school that specialised in providing education to vulnerable children with different life circumstances, including abuse and poverty. I realised then how important it is to build trust with children. Trusting relationships can influence the future of the younger generation, their views of this world and empower them to make good choices in their lives. I am very proud of being a part of these children’s life journey and seeing them flourish. When I moved to Australia, I had an amazing opportunity to become a volunteer with the Salvation Army child care centre in Sydney. With the greatest support from my Salvo colleagues and my family I decided to study, even though my English was very limited. The journey from Certificate to Bachelor was hard but rewarding. I have learnt a lot about myself and others. I have learnt how to become a better teacher and a role model for the little ones. I am proud to be a teacher and ready to give my time, love and care to the youngest citizens of this world.

When I am not at Choklits I like to read and watch movies, have long walks in parks, meeting with friends and having tea parties with my little daughter.

I like it when children name their imaginary siblings after me. One of the children said to me recently ‘My mum had a baby and her name is Elena Chippy Barbie Talia’.