Danielle Wasserfall Choklits Child Care

Danielle Wasserfall

Danielle is our Room Leader in the Choklits Pre-Kindergarten Room. Dee (her preferred name) holds a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and has been in

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Jodi Mcvea Choklits Child Care

Jodi McVea

Jodi has been at Choklit Child Care Centre for over 7 years and is our Educational Leader and Nursery Room Leader. She holds a Diploma

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Janine Fox | Pre-Toddler Room Leader | Choklits Child Care

Janine Fox

Janine holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and is the Choklits Pre-Toddler Room Leader. Over to Janine… I have worked in Early Childhood Education

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Elena Emakova Choklit Child Care

Elena Ermakova

Elena holds a Bachelor of Education and has been in the education industry for over 8 years. Elena has lots of experience with all age groups,

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Amy Magoga Choklits Child Care

Amy Magoga

Hi, I’m Amy and I work in the Toddler Room at Choklits. I am very passionate about providing enriching and play based learning experiences based on

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Leila Bagheri | Choklits Child Care Centre Nursery Educator

Leila Bagheri

Leila is an Educator in the Choklits Nursery, holds a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering and has

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Helen Rooney Choklits Child Care

Helen Rooney

 Helen is the Choklits Chef. She is also a mother of 3 children and is very well-known around Choklits for her love of cooking!

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Jay Kasavaraj | Educator | Choklits Pre-Kindergarten Room

Jaya Kasavaraj

Jaya is an Educator in the Choklits Pre-Kindergarten Room, has been working in early education for 6 years, completed her Diploma in Early Childhood and Care

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Tamara Johnstone | Toddler Room Educator | Choklits

Tamara Johnstone

Tamara holds a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care and is an Educator in our Toddler Room. Over to Tamara… I love working

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Tess Gillespie

Tess in an Educator in the Choklits Toddler Room, has worked in early Education for 13 years and holds a Certificate 3 in children’s services and

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Choklits Child Care

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