Sue Brewer

Sue Brewer

Sue is our Centre Director and has been at Choklits for over 20 years!

She has touched many families’ lives and cared for hundreds of children. Sue has a calm approach, takes time to understand everybody’s needs and is always there to help and listen to our family’s needs. Sue believes in true partnerships. A Mother to 4 children and 11 grandchildren and has a Diploma in Children’s Services. If you are lucky enough she may even bake you the most delicious chocolate cake you have ever eaten!

Over to Sue…

Some of the things I really enjoy about working in Early Childhood Education is seeing children develop, grow from a young age and learn the skills that will help them on their journey through life.

I’m very proud of my achievements starting as an untrained assistant all the way through to the Director of Choklits.

When I’m not at I love spending time with my family, knitting, going to Church and following the Sydney Swans.
I love it when my grandchildren tell me they love me and one of the funniest things one of the children said to me once was “You look beautiful Sue, I love your grey hair!”



To learn more about Sue, her philosophy and Choklits here’s an extract from the Choklits Parent Handbook, the message Sue sends when families join the Choklits Community-

Welcome to Choklits!

Part of my job here is to ensure that your time at the centre will be a valuable and an enjoyable experience for both you and your children. My door is always open, please come and say hello.

The decision to return to work with pre-school children still at home is never an easy one for any parent to make. The decision about where to leave your child whilst you work is an even harder one. Will my child be safe? Will my child be happy? Are the caregivers going to look after my child with love and affection? Will my child continue to develop into a happy, healthy young person?

Being the mother of 4 children and a grandmother of 13, I understand the dilemma and sometimes guilt, faced by many parents having young children in the care of others. We aim to alleviate that guilt and worry from parents, and indeed make having your child attend Choklits a huge advantage, rather than a worry.

Of course, no other person can replace a mother or father in the eyes of a child, and we don’t attempt to replace any parent, but we are keen to work in conjunction with parent/s to create a safe, healthy and happy environment for each and every child that attends Choklits. For this reason, we aim to keep parents fully informed and involved in their child’s day to day activities, parents together with their children are made to feel welcome and are encouraged to participate where possible.

We think that learning is everywhere, and I believe we have the staff and equipment necessary to complement each child’s at home education. We help to develop our early learners physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Our aim is to see your child grow from dependence to independence and develop an active, positive and constructive approach to life. The social skills your child develop will leave him/her in good stead when it comes time to start school. We will provide practical support, assistance and information to parents on childhood development and aim to build mutual trust between all children and between children and staff.

Choklits is a privately-owned Centre, committed to providing a quality service while creating a warm, friendly and homely atmosphere.  People often tell me that Choklits is like being at home, with a bigger backyard!

Here at Choklits, your child will be involved in small groups and have lots of individual attention, with a teacher whose only focus is on the children. Because I run the Centre, and our Chef Helen cooks all the meals, snacks and co-ordinates meal times, the educator’s can remain focused on your child’s needs at all times.

If you are new to child care or are currently weighing up your different options for care, these “what to look for” hints may be helpful as you make the right decision for your family:

A. Caregivers who build children’s self-esteem through

  1. consistent and calm guidance
  2. warm and sensitive interaction
  3. respectful and open attitudes.

B. Programs that enable children to develop emotionally, intellectually and physically by

  1. having small numbers of children for each adult
  2. appropriate play and social experiences for the age and stage of individual children
  3. having communal indoor areas and playgrounds that are safe, hygienic and comfortable
  4. respecting each child’s need for time and space
  5. awareness of cultural and social differences.

C. Centre directors or management committees who employ staff with relevant early childhood qualifications and welcome parents and encourage them to be involved in all aspects of the service.

Our goal at Choklits is to see each child develop a spirit of independence appropriate to their age and capabilities, have a curiosity about life, have a high self-esteem and be able to initiate their own learning.

We provide practical support, assistance and information to parents on childhood development and aim to build mutual trust between all children and between the children and staff.

We develop in children a sense of their own personal uniqueness and respect for others, and ensure they enjoy access to a wide range of creative expression, and more importantly, have fun.

If I haven’t met you in person yet, please come and say hello, I’d love to show you around and introduce you to our educators.

Never forget, Learning Is Everywhere!

Sue Brewer

Choklits Centre Director

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