Paris Choklits Child Care

Paris Ille


Paris is currently studying her Diploma of Early Education and Care and Choklits is her very first job in early learning!

Over to Paris…

I love working in early education and care to watch children grow, develop and thrive into beautiful young humans. After high school I studied psychology, with the hopes of becoming a child psychologist. After deferring for a couple of years and travelling Europe, I decided to get straight into studying my Diploma of Early Education.

My career is only just beginning so I’m beyond excited to begin working at Choklits, expand my knowledge and reach milestones like finishing my Diploma.

When I’m not at Choklits I enjoy spending time with family and friends, keeping active and going on fun adventures.

The most beautiful thing a child has ever said to me was “Paris, you’re an amazing teacher” which made me feel loved and reassured me that I’m doing the right thing!

Other profiles

Sue Brewer Choklits Child Care

Sue Brewer

Sue is our Centre Director and has been at Choklits Child Care Centre for over 25 years! She has touched many families’ lives and cared for hundreds of children. Sue has a calm approach, takes time to understand everybody’s needs and is always there to help and listen to our family’s needs. Sue believes in true partnerships. A mother to 4 children and a grandmother to 14, Sue holds a Diploma in Children’s Services. If you are lucky enough she may even bake you the most delicious chocolate cake you have ever eaten! Sue is with Choklits owner Jade celebrating 25 years at Choklits... Over to Sue… Some of the things I really enjoy about working in Early Childhood Education is seeing children develop, grow from a young age and learn the skills that will help them on their journey through life. I’m very proud of my achievements starting as an untrained assistant all the way through to the Director of Choklits. When I’m not at I love spending time with my family, knitting, going to Church and following the Sydney Swans. I love it when my grandchildren tell me...

Oti Courtney@2x

Courtney Cameron

Courtney holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, is a keen gardener (see video above) and is the Toddler Room Leader at Choklits. Over to Courtney… I love working in the child care industry not only because I get to channel my inner child but also get to be a part of a child’s learning journey and watch them thrive! I also love getting to know all the families and incorporating their values & goals into the children’s learning. Working in this industry has really helped me build my self-confidence and to learn new things everyday! I am proud of the efforts and consistency I put into helping children grow and learn while building beautiful bonds with them, I absolutely love it! When I’m not at Choklits, I love spending time with my family, fiancé and puppies! One of the cutest things I’ve heard is when a parent once told me they where at home and the mum was tucking the child into bed the child said “I want Courtney’s cuddles!”

Danielle Wasserfall Choklits Child Care

Danielle Wasserfall

Danielle is our Room Leader in the Choklits Pre-Kindergarten Room. Dee (her preferred name) holds a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and has been in the education industry for over 7 years. She has a passion for literature and extending on her knowledge and practice of all things relevant to early childhood. Dee has also authored our first ever children's book, you can find out more at Over to Dee… My philosophy includes some of the following key points: - authenticity; being myself and empowering/allowing others the freedom and encouragement to follow suit. - relationships before learning (positive learning only occurs from respectful relationships). - ‘power with’ vs ‘power over’; sharing the choices and giving a voice to others in decisions that affect them. - lively and respectful collaboration with stakeholders (co-educators, children, families). - promoting a sense of agency for the children; scaffolding learning through knowledge of each child combined with knowledge of early childhood development; promoting child led learning. - words, books and all things literacy. I believe that a strong literacy foundation provides limitless skills and pleasure; I strive to promote this every day. Some of...

Jodi Mcvea Choklits Child Care

Jodi McVea

Jodi has been at Choklit Child Care Centre for over 7 years and is our Educational Leader and Nursery Room Leader. She holds a Diploma in Children’s Services, is a mother of 4 children, has a warm heart and a fabulous smile which our youngest early learners absolutely love. Over to Jodi... There are so many reasons to love working in early learning! Being with children everyday creating inviting play spaces that the children will engage in and learn new skills from is very exciting. But, what I love the most is being able to make a difference in the families lives and supporting parents when they first enter the world of early learning. It's a big responsibility ensuring families have peace of mind leaving their children with us for the first time and knowing they will be safe and have fun, one both my team and I take very seriously. Throughout my career as an early childhood educator I am most proud of the relationships I have built with the children and their families, many of which have continued after the families have left Choklits. When I not at Choklits...

Janine Fox | Pre-Toddler Room Leader | Choklits Child Care

Janine Fox

Janine holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and is the Choklits Pre-Toddler Room Leader. Over to Janine… I have worked in Early Childhood Education and Care for almost 6 years now and it all started when I was volunteering at my own children’s kindergarten. I discovered an affinity with young children which led me to pursue a career change. I began my journey working in a small centre while I completed my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and my first role involved working with children with additional needs. It was immediately obvious to me that building genuine, nurturing relationships is very important to support young children in their learning journey and I am very proud of the many wonderful relationships that I have developed with the children in my care and also their families. Once I obtained my diploma, I was offered the opportunity to become the centre’s nursery room leader; an opportunity that I was delighted to take. I am very passionate about providing a warm and welcoming environment in which the children feel safe, secure and loved to enable them to develop their sense of...

Elena Emakova Choklit Child Care

Elena Ermakova

Elena holds a Bachelor of Education and has been in the education industry for over 8 years. Elena has lots of experience with all age groups, has a passion for music and has taught internationally. Over to Elena… I am passionate about empowering young children, in a safe, nurturing and an inclusive environment, preparing them for what may lay ahead, especially in their school career. I enjoy working in an inspiring environment with children, families and staff from different cultures and faiths. Each one adding their own input into the cultural aspects of the program and teaching me about how diverse our world is. My career started many years ago as a music teacher in Russian school that specialised in providing education to vulnerable children with different life circumstances, including abuse and poverty. I realised then how important it is to build trust with children. Trusting relationships can influence the future of the younger generation, their views of this world and empower them to make good choices in their lives. I am very proud of being a part of these children’s life journey and seeing them flourish. When I moved to...

Amy Magoga Choklits Child Care

Amy Magoga

Hi, I’m Amy and I work in the Toddler Room at Choklits. I am very passionate about providing enriching and play based learning experiences based on the children’s current interests, goals, culture and strengths. Being able to see young minds grow, develop and be interested in the world is highly rewarding and it is very special being able to be a part of this and to assist young children make sense of the world. I completed my Diploma in Early Education and Care in 2019 and absolutely loved it! Outside of work I enjoy going to the movies, going to little café’s with friends and going to the football.

canterbury road childcare is now owned by Choklits Ringwood - the same experienced educators

Jade Ingleby

Jade was a former recruitment manager in the finance industry for many years working for NAB. Jade has a Bachelor of Business Human Resource Management, a Masters of Accounting and is currently studying her Diploma of Children’s Services. Jade has two young children and is passionate about learning and strongly believes that all children have the right to be safe, loved and should all be set up for the best chance at success in life.

Leila Bagheri | Choklits Child Care Centre Nursery Educator

Leila Bagheri

Leila is an Educator in the Choklits Nursery, holds a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and a Bachelor of Electronic Engineering and has over 15 years experience in education. Over to Leila... My teaching career started overseas where I worked as a high school teacher for 4 years. I then taught math and physics to year 10 students. Afterwards I decided to gain some experience working with young children, so I started to work as an educator in a kindergarten which lasted for 4 years. After I moved to Australia, I decided to continue working in the same field so I studied my Diploma of Early Education and Care to gain further knowledge about children aged 0 to 5  and how they develop, learn and think. I gained some local experience completing placements in 3 different child care centres including Choklits before officially starting at Choklits in October, 2020. I love working in early education and care because I love learning about children through their eyes. Before verbal communication skills develop you can see children's personalities, their needs and wants all through their expressions. I have always enjoyed...

Helen Rooney Choklits Child Care

Helen Rooney

 Helen is the Choklits Chef. She is also a mother of 3 children and is very well-known around Choklits for her love of cooking! Over to Helen… It’s such a privilege getting to do my job and I love it because I get to see the smiles appear on the children’s faces when they taste my food. Although I believe balance is the key to great meals and a healthy lifestyle I’m also really passionate about preparing meals for required needs such as people who hold specific religious beliefs or other dietary requirements like committing to eating vegan or vegetarian. It can be challenging but I really do love it. I’ve been cooking since I was 17 and had a variety of different jobs including pastry cooking and cake decorating. As I’ve come to realise the downside of high amounts of cheap additives in food, like sugar in treats and sweets, I’ve come to enjoy my job as the Choklits Chef much more. A daily focus on clean eating and nutritional food does give me a lot of satisfaction. Part of the skill of any educator is the art...

Jay Kasavaraj | Educator | Choklits Pre-Kindergarten Room

Jaya Kasavaraj

Jaya is an Educator in the Choklits Pre-Kindergarten Room, has been working in early education for 6 years, completed her Diploma in Early Childhood and Care in 2016 and will finish her Bachelor of Early Learning 2021. Over to Jaya... I believe that each child is competent. I always have high expectations for them and I ardently envision that with a nurturing relationship and consistent emotional support, we can support in developing their skills, responsibilities towards others and know the values of collaboration and teamwork thus preparing them for their school and future ahead. Having a different cultural background myself, I understand the significance of the various cultures and faiths of families and respect the differences. I truly believe that parents, as the first teachers of their children, should be one of the main contributors to my program. I trust with collaboration with families, I can engage in shared decision-making thereby helping each child to attain their highest potential. My career in child care started after being a full time mum for my three children for almost thirteen years. Moving states within my birth country (India) and moving to Australia with...

Untitled Design

Torie Anderson

Victoria (we call her Torie!) is an Educator in the Choklits Toddler Room, holds a Diploma of Early Childhood, Education and Care and has over 10 years experience ranging from the age groups of 6 months to 12 years. Over to Torie... I have a passion for developing close knitted relationships with children, and love making learning interactive, interesting, and fun. This is steamed from my personal philosophy that in order for children to build on skills academically, socially and emotionally, they need the foundation of building strong positive connections with adults and peers, and ENJOY the process of learning. At the end of every year when every individual child moves on to either the next room, next milestone of either primary school or high school is a very proud, yet bitter sweet, experience for me. It's always so amazing to look back and see their individual progression, remembering the good and the bad, the challenges we've faced and the achievements we've conquered, and the memories we've made. In my spare time I like doing anything and everything that involves outdoor adventures, nature, fitness, health and wellbeing, hiking, camping, my...

Tamara Johnstone | Toddler Room Educator | Choklits

Tamara Johnstone

Tamara holds a Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care and is an Educator in our Toddler Room. Over to Tamara... I love working in early education and care because seeing the children’s smiles and giggles as they play and learn new skills and extend their development. I’m most proud of completing my Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care and starting my diploma. When I’m not at Choklits I enjoy being physical and going to pilates, yoga, on runs and spending my time family, friends and my dog Skyee. The cutest moment I’ve had with children are their cuddles and the way they make me feel wanted and loved, which is basically all the time!

Tracey Perkins Choklits Child Care

Tracey Perkins

Tracey has been with Choklits for over 15 years and has played an integral part in the education of many young children’s lives. She has a Diploma in Children’s Services and has 2 adult children she loves spending time with. There is nothing Tracey doesn’t know or love about Choklits! Over to Tracey... I love working in early education and care for the excitement of teaching little minds new tricks! Throughout my career I’ve been most proud of passing 15 and a half years service at Choklits. I have formed some great friendships with both past and present families and have so many fond memories of the Choklits Community. When I’m not at Choklits I enjoy caravanning around Australia and family time with my 2 grandsons. Every moment at Choklits is special that’s for sure, but since becoming a grandma myself the children began referring to me as Nanna Tracey which is very special and gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Christine Picone Choklits Child Care

Christine Picone

Christine (or "Twigs" as she's better known at Choklits) is an Educator in our Pre-Toddler Room, holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and has been in early education for 4 years. Over to Twigs... I love working in early education and care because children light up my world and I love being able to light up theirs. I love guiding them through their early years to become the best versions of themselves. I love the Choklits community and our love of learning, our philosophy is very cohesive. Throughout my career I’ve been most proud of completing my Certificate III and my Diploma. I’ve loved having the opportunity to work with all age groups at Choklits, forming wonderful relationships with the children along the way. When I’m not at Choklits I enjoy listening to music every chance I get and going to heavy metal concerts. I love driving, especially through the mountains and if I’m not at Bathurst to watch the V8’s, I’m watching it on tv. I also enjoy playing pool.


Tess Gillespie

Tess in an Educator in the Choklits Toddler Room, has worked in early Education for 13 years and holds a Certificate 3 in children's services and Diploma in children's services. Over to Tess... I love working in early education and care because I love observing and fostering children's development through their own exploration. I believe as early years Educator's our main purpose is to encourage children to discover who they are as their own person and to support their sense of agency at all times. Throughout my career I've been most proud of my growing abilities to problem solve, in turn, helping children and their families to discover and learn about different means to support their children through obstacles that may arise in their child's life. 3 years ago I was the Director of a brand new small centre, so that was a really big milestone in my career. I needed to support and train staff and work with them to develop every day procedures in the running of the centre. I also needed to work closely with families and take on a lot of feedback to ensure we were running...

Siobhan Janes | Nursery Educator | Choklits Child Care Centre

Siobhan Janes

Siobhan is currently studying her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and is an educator in the Choklits Nursery. Before joining the Choklits Team she worked in Before and After School care for 4 years and has worked while children from ages 0-5 throughout her university placements. Over to Siobhan... I love working in education and care because children are at the centre of all we do and are our future. I enjoy guiding children as they learn and grow as individuals, whilst spreading the joy of learning. Children are so eager to learn and they can achieve absolutely anything if they put their minds to it, have positive attitudes and are surrounded by a caring, nurturing and engaging environment. Throughout my career I've been the most proud of the time I have spent volunteering and helping children experience the joys of music and movement through singing and dancing. I have also volunteered and spent time with children aged 7-10 helping them with their literacy skills. When I'm not at Choklits Child Care I love spending time singing in a local choir, playing the ukulele, creating artwork and enjoying the outdoors with friends...


Ereney Hanna

Ereney is an Educator in our Toddler Room, holds a Diploma in Children Services and has been working in early education for over 10 years! Over to Ereny... I love working in early education because I believe building relationships with children helps them feel secure and supported in their learning journey from babies to young people. Throughout my career I’ve been most proud of seeing the children I've care for grow and go on to start their school journey. Some of the children that I've looked after attend the same school as my son and I find it very rewarding when they remember who I am and run over for a big hug. When I’m not at Choklits I enjoy spending time with family, I have three children of my own. I also like knitting gifts to give to my children and listening to music. The cutest thing a child has ever said to me occurred one day when I was picking up my son from school. The child, who I'd previously cared for, innocently questioned me “Oh, what are you doing here Ereney?”; he looked so confused and said...


Taylor Muscat

Taylor is an Educator in the Choklits Pre-Toddler Room, holds a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and is currently studying her Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. Taylor has over 2 years experience in early learning, has a love of sports and has previously run sports classes for early learning centres. Over to Taylor... I love working with in early education and care because as I have grown up working around children in both sports and education environments. Working within early education and care allows me to put my passion for sport together with my passion for working with younger children. I love watching the children grow, develop and learn through the younger part of their lives in all areas, whether that be life skills or education. I love the different reactions of the children once they accomplished a task that they have been completing for either a short or long period of time. I enjoy watching the children and helping them to develop their confidence within their environment and with the others that are around them. My proudest moment I've felt throughout my career would...

Oti Sammy@2x

Sammy Faulks

Sammy is an Educator at Choklits and facilitates our sports and movement program called Choklits Activate. She is currently studying her Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. Over to Sammy… I love working in education and child care because having an impact on a child’s learning and development is extremely rewarding. I enjoy building relationships with the children and learning more about them individually. I’m proud of myself for taking the leap into full time work, studying, and doing what I love (working with children). When I’m not at Choklits I love spending time with my friends and family, exercising, studying/learning more each day and listening to music. During my previous work involving children and working at Choklits, the most beautiful thing a child has said to me was “I love you as my teacher”. 

Cassandra Godfrey Choklits Child Care

Cassandra Godfrey

Cassie (as she's know around Choklits) holds a Certificate III in Children Services, has been working in early learning since 2010 and is our Pre-Kindergarten Room Leader. Over to Cassie... Over the years I’ve become even more passionate about providing a fun and child lead environment, where children can thrive and develop long life skills to help them achieve goals, as well as setting them up for success for life. I have a strong belief that all children should have a voice and be heard, as children are our future. I also love the fact that we as educators can partake and help build the leaders of tomorrow. While working in this industry for over ten years, you come to realise just how rewarding and important it is working with children. Every week there is one or two things that happens that makes me super proud to be an educator. It’s in the little things I find I’m most proud of, whether it’s a child who can tell you the eight planets of the solar system in detail, to being capable of washing their dishes by themselves or even writing...

Talia Waters Choklits Child Care

Talia Waters

Hi, my name is Talia Waters! I have completed my Certificate III Early Childhood Education and Care and I’m currently completing my Diploma in Early Childhood and Care. I have worked at Choklits for 3 years in different roles and I love working with children helping them develop, grow and smile. I come from a very big family and enjoy going away camping, music and seeing my friends.

Tina Wang Choklits Child Care Ringwood

Tina Wang

Tina is an Educator in the Choklits Pre-Toddler Room, holds a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, moved from China to Australia in 2008 with her family and now has over 5 years experience in early education. Over to Tina... I love working in early education and care because I believe learning is happening all the time, particularly through play. I have a strong passion to connect, interact and build positive relationships with children. I enjoy guiding children to grow and learn through to play. I sharing opportunities for children to explore, discover, imagine and create in their environment. Throughout my career I’ve been most proud of my interactions with the children which include the simplest things like the children waving their hands at the end of the day and saying "bye bye, Tina". When they run to me with excitement and hugs I can see them light up and I'm reminded of how much the children care for their educators just as we care for them. When I’m not at Choklits I enjoy going for walks, being at the beach watching the sunrise and sunset. I also love to...

Oti Megan@2x

Megan Fletcher

Megan holds a Certificate III in Children’s Services and has worked in early education for over 15 years! Megan works in our Pre-Toddler room at Choklits. Over to Megan… I love working in early education and care because I can provide a caring, nurturing environment for those in my care and assist them with learning life skills that will enable them to grow and develop into capable, independent people. Seeing the joy on children’s faces when they achieve everyday tasks or learn something for the first time is so rewarding. Throughout my career I’ve been most proud of my ability to adapt to difficult situations I have been placed in. Whether it was learning a little Mandarin to help assist a young girl with very little English to organising and executing a school holiday program for 5 year olds before they started school. When I’m not at Choklits I enjoy being a Mum to two very energetic and loud children. Being actively involved in my church, socialising with family and friends. I love bike riding with the family, venturing all over Melbourne, visiting different attractions and parks. The cutest thing...

Oti Elly@2x

Elly Hudson

Welcome to the team Elly! Elly has joined our growing Choklits team in our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Room. Elly finished Year 12 last year and is undertaking a traineeship with us to obtain her Certificate III. Elly has done over 1000 hours of volunteering in child care and is very passionate about working with children. She believes that “Children need to experience differences to be happy with theirs”. Elly has cerebral palsy and works with her abilities to manage for this. We are very happy to welcome Elly to the Choklits community and look forward to being part of her training, development and supporting her in her studies as she supports our early learners in their own study.

Nilu Wijesinghe Choklits Child Care Ringwood

Nilu Wijesinghe

Nilu is an Educator in the Choklits Toddler Room, holds a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, loves gardening and has over 10 years experience in early education. Over to Nilu... I love working in early education and care because I believe that early childhood education is the most vital stage of a child development. I am confident that I am good at supporting our children in achieving that. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters, and I've always loved being with children. Education and care is the greatest gift for any child and especially during early childhood. It’s my passion to guide, care for and provide the confidence to learn and explore creativity. I strongly believe that winning and building children’s trust is vital to connect and support them with their learning process. I love to include nature and the natural environment for children to learn and experience nature. I really enjoy our setting’s cultural diversity and respect for each other’s beliefs and values here at Choklits. Throughout my career I’ve been most proud of is moving from my home country Sri Lanka, completing my Certificate III and...

Oti Karen@2x

Karen Swale

Karen holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and works across all our rooms at Choklits. Over to Karen… I love working in education because I can teach my values to others through positive professional relationships and play! These values include physical and mental health, respect, honesty, family and friends. I enjoy interactions with children that lead to learning and laughter. Some activities I especially seek with children include singing and dancing, reading, water play, cooking, playdough and Lego! I feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie when working as part of a team of teachers and families and achieving common goals for children together. While I am proud of my achievements in teaching, including swimming teaching, being a new mother has been the best thing ever and also the hardest as I suffered badly from postnatal anxiety. Upon recovering I have received a renewed sense of self and purpose. When I’m not at Choklits I enjoy playing with my son Harry, swimming, walking my dog, chatting and being inspired with friends, watching movies, baking cakes, enjoying nature and simplicity. There have been many things said over years but some...

Oti Sam@2x

Sam De Mel

Sam holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and has been working in the child care industry for eight years. For four years she has worked as a lead educator and is currently studying her Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education. Sam is an educator in the Choklits pre-kindergarten room. Over to Sam… I became an early childhood educator because I ‘ve always loved being around children. When I migrated to Australia there was an opportunity for me to become a qualified Early Childhood Educator. I have a real passion for providing children with opportunities to meet their goals. I love educating and caring for children and love how their individual personalities make every day unique and special. My philosophy incorporates my belief that children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are enjoying an educational environment. Security and trust are very important components as well as my relationship with each child. Teaching children is my passion so I’m very thankful whenever parents tell me they appreciate my level of education and caring I show for their children. When I’m not at Choklits I enjoy listening...

Choklits Child Care

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