Karen Swale

Karen Swale

Karen holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and works across all our rooms at Choklits.

Over to Karen…

I love working in education because I can teach my values to others through positive professional relationships and play! These values include physical and mental health, respect, honesty, family and friends.

I enjoy interactions with children that lead to learning and laughter. Some activities I especially seek with children include singing and dancing, reading, water play, cooking, play dough and Lego!

I feel a sense of belonging and camaraderie when working as part of a team of teachers and families and achieving common goals for children together.

While I am proud of my achievements in teaching, including swimming teaching, being a new mother has been the best thing ever and also the hardest as I suffered badly from postnatal anxiety. Upon recovering I have received a renewed sense of self and purpose.

When I’m not at Choklits I enjoy playing with my son Harry, swimming, walking my dog, chatting and being inspired with friends, watching movies, baking cakes, enjoying nature and simplicity.

There have been many things said over years but some that come to mind are, “You look beautiful” when I was dressed up in costume, “I love you” and “can you be my best friend?”. Of course, there were also plenty of other amusing comments when I was getting married and when I was pregnant…